director transp homeThe company Masters & Services Ltd, under Angolan law and national private capital, pioneer of Mestres & Serviços Group, has been in Angola for nearly 21 years with excellence in solutions and services in the areas of construction Engineering, Infrastructure Maintenance, hydraulics, electricity, installation of high-tech equipment and others.

Given the changing paradigms of national and international business concept in specific sectors of its business and response to new dynamics implemented in Angola, the Group Masters adapted to changing times by implementing a restructuring plan. As you all know, we are facing a highly competitive market where the only way to be competitive is through the permanent insistence on hard work and personal responsibility, which requires continuous adaptation to change. However, we always remain faithful to our founding principles, since changes are only made to meet the challenges of Masters framed in a spirit of a collective corporate team.

Thus, the global restructuring that we carry out, aims for better global enablement of our traditional areas of activity, seeking new business opportunities and expansion in leveraged finance ahead of internationalization.

In addition to a policy of communication and marketing designed for immediate implementation and visualization, the company focused attention on the implementation of its strategic plan which promotes a policy of corporate social responsibility, including the creation of an Educational Foundation. With the belief that staff training is a more effective means for solving underdevelopment and poverty, the Foundation will have its primary focus on education and health, thereby enhancing the economic vitality of our country and our planet.

In conclusion I would like to reaffirm our commitment to progress and social development by accepting the solemn duty to fulfill the mission entrusted to us by the supreme creator, believing that under His wisdom and guidance our ideals may be developed and achieved.

Thank you and God bless you!