Mestres e Serviços was one of the first private companies to emerge 17 years after Angola gained independence from Portugal and 10 years before Angola achieved peace. The company was founded by Eng. Reinaldo Trindade in 1991.

For more than 20 years in Angola, the company operates in several areas with the main focus on the oil sector. However, the company stands out for its wide range of services, which includes construction, hydraulic engineering, building maintenance, electricity, sale and installation of high-tech equipment, manufacturing of building materials and chemical, general trade of import and export, consultancy and feasibility studies.

While the company has extended its field of operations to other activities, the oil industry, construction and industrial maintenance remain the core business areas.
In the field of civil construction, the company operates in the construction and maintenance of buildings and modern ventures, thus helping to boost the housing market. In the field of industrial maintenance, the company is dedicated to combating oil spills by supplying equipment provided by Ro-Oil Spill Clean (a Danish company, of whom we are the agent) and cleaning of fuel tanks on and offshore).

sobre mestres

Currently Mestres e Serviços is in a phase of restructuring and expansion having created projects with foreign companies. Soon the company will engage in the production of polyethylene derivatives for the construction industry, a result of the partnership with Korean company Mecen IPC. Another project is the supply of chemical cleaning infrastructure on and offshore provided by Danish company, Masava Kemi, (Mestres e Serviços's agent).

Among other services resulting from the partnership of Mestres e Serviços with other international companies willing to invest in Angola, we can also mention Nowy Styl, a Polish company involved in manufacturing of office furniture.

Mestres e Serviços aims to invest in profitable projects in order to contribute to the sustained growth not only of the company, but also of the country, thus allowing the creation of jobs and the diversification of the Angolan economy. Given its extension in services, Mestres e Serviços will be a Holding company.