Mestres e Serviços Group intends to establish itself as a competitive company providing integrated services with strong operational.

Our group maintains strategic alliances and plays an important role in the national economy.



Our purpose is to provide varied services to the public and private sector, particularly in areas with high growth potential, meeting the needs of our customers through quality and efficiency of our services and seeking business partners who share our values. Achieving our goals of growth and business profitability in a sustainable way.



  • Corporate Values:
    • Management Excellence - Ensure continuous improvement of business by integrating a management system focused on processes.
    • Ethics and Transparency - Establishing relationships based on trust.
    • Respect for the environment - Adoption of practices which preserve a sustainable future for all.
    • Community Support - Contribute to social transformation and co-operate in the economic and social development of Angola.
  • Organizational Values:
    • Results Orientation - Definition of strategic alignment processes in which every employee understands their role and responsibilities to achieve corporate strategic goals.
    • Co-operation - Establishment of efficient communication channels with our customers to meet their needs and expectations and thereby create effective and lasting relationships.
  • Personal Values:
    • Personal and professional integration - Strengthen the commitment and the sense of belonging.
    • Team work - Encourage the sharing of necessary and vital information to improve the quality of work and our products.
    • Pro-activeness and effort - VValuing entrepreneurship as a key development factor of individuals.
    • Responsibility - Prevention of harmful environmental issues through the use of efficient energy resources and reduction of waste by implementing continuous improvement programs.