If children are the future, we must invest in a better future and ensure that in society of tomorrow will exist beings instructed to resolve social conflicts and major scourges of mankind.
If organizations do not govern without bosses or leaders, it is necessary to ensure that the leaders of tomorrow will be those with the ambition to make the change, creating new paradigms, tackle inequality and eradicate poverty.leaders of tomorrow

The Social Responsibility of Mestres e Serviços also aims the creation of the Foundation Isaías Trindade, a project inspired by the values and objectives of the Foundation TGELF (The Global Education and Leadership Foundation), based in New Delhi, India.
The TGELF is based on education for leadership through the investment in the training of young teenagers with good academic performance and demonstrate that they have special skills and charisma to pursue an education of excellence.
In today's world characterized by growing threats ranging from environmental degradation, terrorism manifested in various ways, natural resource scarcity and global epidemics, it is urgent to invest in special education, which is based on empowering young leaders to be tomorrow. Leaders that rather than safeguard their own interests, who care about fighting corruption and look after the good of humanity.

During school age, the youth from TGELF receive up to 18 years, a multidisciplinary education, rich in ethical principles, focused on altruism. They will be given leadership skills for the future that will form them to be the true agents of change. When they finish school, they will be awarded scholarships to the best universities in India and U.S., in order to acquire the necessary preparation for the future may be able to occupy decision-making positions.