Based on three fundamental principles that comprise a strategy of corporate social responsibility (corporate social responsibility, corporate citizenship and corporate volunteering), Mestres e Serviços is committed to investing in the development of actions across a range of areas that enhance your image in the market, representing a trusted brand for its customers.

responsabilidade social

In the field of corporate social responsibility, the company seeks to develop the following actions:

cidadania empresariall

In the area of Corporate Citizenship, the company will introduce a set of policies that promote a transparent relationship with stakeholders (business partners, employees, customers, suppliers, society and others), such as:

voluntariado empresarial

In the field of Corporate Volunteering Mestres e Serviços will have as a potential return, the recognition of its clients as an active company in combating poverty, social exclusion and inequality by involving their human resources in volunteering with NGOs and charities

Also framed in The Social Responsibility Policy of Mestres group, is an ongoing project which aims to create a Foundation of a social nature. This Foundation aims to be a private institution, nonprofit and public utility in order to provide assistance in the areas of education and health. We intend for the Foundation of Mestres e Serviços to represent an important agent in the formation of the younger generation of Angolan society, because we believe that children are the future.